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A well designed object storage platform provides developers with an efficient way to access, store, protect and distribute their digital content independently.

Object storage on cloud.ca

cloud.ca’s object navigator feature allows you to easily view the contents of your object storage service.

cloud.ca uses open source technology from OpenStack, a project that enables infrastructure as a service. The OpenStack SWIFT project is an open source cloud file storage solution.

“We use OpenStack SWIFT to store and retrieve files using an API. It is designed to be tolerant of failure and to provide high elasticity and capacity,” commented François Gaudreault, cloud.ca’s product manager.

The object navigator on cloud.ca provides added value both in its usability and performance. “With our browser, developers have the option to upload or download many objects at once and instantly retrieve their URLs. Administrators can also decide to offer specific access to each user. In addition, performance is significantly faster than what we would see with an equivalent tool from a cloud competitor,” noted Gaudreault.

“Our object navigator offers a user-friendly, efficient web interface for different buckets and the objects they contain,” explains Marc Vaillancourt, director of software development at CloudOps and cloud.ca. “The user can navigate through each bucket, upload objects, and perform various operations including copying, deleting or renaming. The visibility of each bucket can be modified and each object’s URL can be retrieved to access it through a web browser or a third-party application.”

As an example, web developers can configure their websites to load resources directly using the features available on cloud.ca’s object storage. This reduces the load on their web server and allows it to handle more requests. Web developers can view, download or perform other actions with their stored objects at any time.

Why is this important?

Efficient management of object storage is crucial. Designed for ultra-high scalability and durability, by using cloud.ca’s object storage solution at least three copies of your data will be stored in parallel on different physical servers, guaranteeing that your data will never be lost.

About cloud.ca

cloud.ca is a Canadian cloud infrastructure - a secure location for your applications, your workspaces and your data.