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Cloud computing’s roots lie in the evolution of on-demand computing and computer networks. It has benefitted from important developments in virtualization, resource allocation and shared architectures. Now there is a true Canadian (Infrastructure as a Service) IaaS cloud.

Cloud computing is attracting more and more Canadian companies, as it positively affects an organization’s strategy. It promotes innovation through the use of new applications developed in cloud environments. It also lowers the overall cost of ownership and maximises IT investment. Cloud computing offers an open and flexible IT environment that makes use of resources available around the world.

The availability of a Canadian cloud provides undeniable advantages to Canadian businesses. Firstly, it allows companies to store data in close proximity. Because the amount of data continues to grow but the speed of light remains constant, it is in any business’ interest to work with a local partner in this domain.

Secondly, Canadian laws govern how organisations active in the country collect use and distribute personal information obtained through commercial activities within Canada’s borders. For this reason, it can be advantageous for companies to keep and store their data on Canadian soil.

Powered by CloudOps, leading experts in cloud infrastructure, cloud.ca is positioning itself as the cloud infrastructure in Canada. CloudOps builds, owns and operates cloud.ca. This Canadian cloud offers a secure place for your applications, your workspaces and your data.

The idea for a Canadian cloud was born in 2008, while CloudOps was using US-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its Canadian clients. The cost of moving data in Canada is about five times as much as in the US. In addition, applications are directly affected by the delay in transmitting data. It therefore makes sense for Canadian companies to do business with a Canadian regional partner.

There are several key ways in which cloud.ca stands out as infrastructure as a service, in addition to being 100% Canadian. cloud.ca offers bilingual support services, and is described by its clients as agile, flexible and reliable.

cloud.ca is Canadian. Our corporate nationality allows us to guarantee that our clients will experience low latency - due to the proximity of the market, data sovereignty at the national and provincial levels, bilingual support services, stability and profitability of local currency, and a guarantee that cloud.ca’s infrastructure will always be 100% owned and operated in Canada.

cloud.ca is agile. Agility comes from our on-demand services and self-service solutions. Users can get what they need, when they need it. This agility helps speed innovation and facilitates collaboration.

cloud.ca is reliable. Too often, cloud infrastructures are built to optimise costs at the risk of sacrificing operational reliability. cloud.ca, however, is not designed with a single point of failure, which ensures maximal availability of infrastructure, and therefore data. cloud.ca also offers strict separation between client environments, to reinforce security.

cloud.ca is flexible. cloud.ca offers on-demand storage, networking and infrastructure services that scale with your growth, and utility billing so you only pay for what you use. With the rapid evolution of the market, companies can benefit from being able to adjust their requirements to meet their changing needs in real time.

cloud.ca is useful at many levels of your organization. Product managers and executives connect to cloud.ca for end reports and profitability analyses. Developers use it for testing, and operators for access management and process automation. The range of users and applications for cloud.ca is therefore very broad. This is why cloud.ca offers administrators the option to easily create different environments, as well as specific access parameters for each user. The interface is easy to navigate and everything designed to increase efficiency.

Our clients appreciate that cloud.ca offers high flexibility related to capacity and on-demand performance. In other words, cloud.ca responds to your needs that, as we all know, are constantly changing. Clients can manage their affairs without having to worry about maintenance, capacity planning or deployment of the infrastructure that supports their operations. Our clients benefit from transparency of IT costs as well as services provided by a team of specialists available 24X7.

It is interesting to note that cloud.ca can easily be used as part of a multi-cloud strategy. For example, one of our Canadian clients, Peerio, uses a both cloud.ca and AWS (as needed) as part of their multi-cloud solution (read the case study).

We hope that we have piqued your interest in cloud.ca. Please feel free to contact us via email, chat, phone or face-to-face for more information. Until next time!