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DNA-Based Healthcare Startup Trusts Sensitive Patient Data with Canadian Cloud Provider


BiogeniQ sought to:

  • move from traditional hosting to a secure cloud infrastructure,
  • increase its service reliability and uptime,
  • maintain costs while increasing the number of customers it could serve.

After a thorough vetting process of several Canadian cloud providers, BiogeniQ chose cloud.ca due to its confidence in cloud.ca’s security, its excellent uptime and service guarantees, as well as its responsive and knowledgeable team. BiogeniQ now serves 10x the number of customers within the same infrastructure budget.

About BiogeniQ 

BiogeniQ is a Montreal-based tech startup that helps people take control of their health by offering simple, pertinent, and actionable recommendations based on each person’s DNA.

BiogeniQ collaborates with healthcare professionals to provide genetic testing and actionable recommendations with regards to nutrition, medication, and the avoidance and treatment of certain diseases. Founded in Montreal in 2013, BiogeniQ has won numerous healthcare and technology awards.

The Need

BiogeniQ’s web services consist of a variety of applications and databases: a portal for patients and physicians to access reports, a portal for online and point-of-sale transaction data, the company website, and a number of internal applications.

In the past, BiogeniQ hosted its services on physical servers rented in a data centre, and later, virtual servers from a hosting provider. These prior solutions provided unsatisfactory uptime and service level guarantees, a lack of flexibility in virtual server management tools, and an inability to configure a multi-tier web application architecture.

In late 2015, BiogeniQ sought to find a secure Canada-based cloud infrastructure with which it could solve all of these problems.

The Solution

BiogeniQ assessed several Canadian cloud infrastructure providers in its search.

Through research of customer reviews and thoroughly testing each provider, Olivier Caron-Lizotte (CTO of BiogeniQ) consistently found cloud.ca to be the best choice for their needs.

BiogeniQ ultimately chose cloud.ca due to:

  • cloud.ca’s excellent uptime and service guarantees. This ensures that physicians and patients have access to a patient’s health data when they need it.
  • Confidence-inspiring security practices for the safe storage of private customer data.
  • Flexible administration tools for configuration and management of cloud infrastructure.
  • A responsive bilingual support staff with deep expertise in the cloud platform.

Security was a primary concern for BiogeniQ’s choice of a cloud infrastructure provider. Caron-Lizotte explains: “Security is very important to us [...] As a healthcare startup responsible for sensitive patient data, a data breach can be fatal to the company.”

A thorough vetting of cloud.ca’s certifications, data centre security, and vigilant security update practices gave BiogeniQ confidence that it could adopt cloud.ca as a cloud solution and maintain its exacting security standards.

In addition, cloud.ca’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) feature set has enabled numerous benefits for BiogeniQ:

  1. The ability to deploy a multi-tier application stack.
  2. Support for load balancing across cloud instances.
  3. Networking capabilities that provide both secure and flexible communications between VPC tiers.
  4. A flexible and scalable cloud environment combined with the privacy of a private cloud.

Optimizing its application architecture for cloud and right-sizing cloud resources have allowed BiogeniQ to serve ten times the customer load within the same infrastructure budget.

Working with a Canadian cloud partner, BiogeniQ is able to reduce the long-term risks of a changing political landscape, maximizing the security of its customer data over time.

Secure in its cloud infrastructure provider and the configuration of its system architecture, BiogeniQ can now easily expand capacity as required. This allows the technology department to do less administration and dedicate more resources to application development, continually adding value at higher levels of the application stack.

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