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Storage is a key component of a company’s data sovereignty strategy. At cloud.ca, providing our customers with Canadian data sovereignty is of paramount importance. In this context, cloud.ca is excited to announce a new offering available to our customers as well as some changes to our existing ones.

1. New performance storage providing price/performance balance

cloud.ca is introducing a new primary block storage tier known as performance storage. It differs from existing performance storage options in the following ways:

  • It is based on a hybrid architecture of SSD/SAS nodes

  • It will not provide any guaranteed minimum performance guarantee / Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Pricing will be $0.12/GB/month

This storage tier will provide the same level of security and data resiliency as existing primary block storage offerings and applies to most web and application workloads as well as dev/test environments. This offering is available for deployment immediately both from within the cloud.ca interface as well as through its APIs. Click here to view our pricing options.

2. More simplicity and flexibility for VM deployments

In conjunction with this new storage offering, a few changes have been made to the cloud.ca UI. These improvements will provide customers greater ease and flexibility when provisioning or resizing VM resources and storage disks. They provide a slider interface that allow customers to specify the number of vCPUs and memory desired instead of selecting discrete choices on a drop-down list. This will give customers greater control and ease of use. It will also eliminate the need to open a ticket if the “VM flavour” required isn’t listed.

Some images of the new UI can be found below.

Add Instance 

Add Volume

3. Rapid snapshots

Rapid snapshots are now available for cloud.ca’s customers. A rapid snapshot of a storage volume is initially created and retained in primary storage, allowing for faster access and ease of use (e.g. template creation). If they have not been deleted after 24 hours, they are automatically archived in object storage.

4. Changes to performance storage with QoS

cloud.ca has made changes to the way our performance storage with QoS is configured. Previously, the three tiers of performance storage with QoS were offered with minimum I/O specified on an iops/GB basis. As of now it will be offered in fixed tiers, with a guaranteed performance of 1 000 iops minimum in the first tier, 5 000 iops minimum in the second, and 10 000 iops minimum in the third, regardless of volume size. Pricing will remain the same for these three offerings at $0.25, $0.50 and $0.75 respectively.

As we prepare to step into the New Year, cloud.ca is pleased about these new offerings and the changes and improvements made to our existing offerings. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us or request a trial.